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The Shop Oasis NYC Story

Posted on June 27 2019

The Shop Oasis NYC Story

The Shop Oasis NYC Story

Over the next few weeks, I want to share more of the our story with you. I want you to know that this brand goes beyond promo codes and glossy images. This brand is about style, stories, exposure and ethical manufacturing processes

I always wanted to bring little pieces of Africa and the places I've travelled to follow me home to NYC. I wanted people in NYC and beyond to be able to purchase the stylish pieces I had found on the continent in an effort to support the businesses of artisans and emerging designers. I knew that whatever I created I wanted to make some special pieces with the artisans, and that the imagery would have to be amazing. I set out to make this dream a reality by going to FIT, and from there took some detours to learn the business of fashion and products, but I found my way back. 


As the dream became a reality, I found myself in Kenya designing the first collection.  The collection has some of my favorite pieces, I dreamed about owning and wearing, in bright colors, light fabrics and solids. Solid colors let the style of the piece stand out, and we all can’t be in a pattern 24/7. I took my time to create pieces, and name them intentionally.


One of my favorite pieces is the Jubilee -- because its named after the current ruling party of Kenya. The 2017 elections literally stopped the show, similar to how people react when you wear the Jubilee. The election stopped people from getting to work, to manufacture the line, Nairobi slowed down to snail's pace, everyone stood still. Those moments stayed with me, so when I was naming the pieces of the collection, I knew the show stopper had to be called Jubilee. It pays homage to the elections and the fierce nature of the Kenyan people. From the pockets, to the way it crisscrosses, and its versatility. It tells a story and the way you wear it shows your style.

The road to make our dreams a reality is really winding and crazy. But do it in fashion and with pieces that help you tell your story!!
Until next time,

PS. When you support us, you support a whole ecosystem of talented artists and businesses!


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